Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lesson#2 (From June) Playthink! Movement and Flow Arts Festival 2013

Playthink! Is a one of a kind festival. My second year in attending, Evie and Mark's first. It was beautiful! WONDERFUL! Evie never wanted it to end. Playthink! happens on a one hundred acre farm in Berea Ky, with no cell service, unplugged completely from the world. It consist of dozens of workshops daily on every flow art from yoga-to fire eating-hula hooping-belly dancing-martial arts-silks and Lyre, well you get the picture. LOTS OF FUN! The icing, the cherry on top this year was a Red Tent teepee set up, completing the experience. Oh and the Fairies! The Fairies and Fairy blessings.

Evie brought her friend Elizabeth, and they together explored their feelings as budding women in the Red Tent, hung and moved off the ground by silks, did yoga, self painted and adorned others, belly danced,sang and chanted, hung out by the fire pit dancing until 3a.m. spreading their wings a bit in a safe environment, experienced the love of different flow arts, experienced communal meals with 300 other people, made new friends both young and old, experienced life where all there is, is happiness, love, amazement, and joy when trying something new. There aren't enough words for this kind of experience, its life changing, it's awesome to see adults playing and joyous, and its awesome to gain self confidence as a teenage girl. I didn't take many pics, I was too busy experiencing, below are some pics of us, but mostly of Playthink! Festival. Can't wait for next year! Yes thee are A LOT of pics...but man I couldn't leave them out, and I have so many more!
The Red Tent Teepee

Hula Hooping
Our Vender Booth

Evie on the Healing GeoDome
Looking up Inside the Teepee

Being Blessed by the Fairies with Friends

I really wanted to Run away with the fairies!
Evie being adorned by Angela

Mark Playing with FIre
Evie adoring me
My daughter and "other" daughter..they are growing up so beautiful!
When I look at pics like this I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the relationship I have with my only child.

Friends I met last year from Northern Ohio! I was soooo glad to see them again!
Fairies, Fairies, Fairies....take me with you!

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